Megumi Shinozaki: Flower artist

For Megumi Shinozaki, it’s all about flowers. The Japanese artist launched edenworks in 2009 to showcase her deep-rooted passion for crafting flowers into creations that enchant and surprise alike. There are no limitations to her floral innovations: her work has ranged in size from enormous sets to single, intricate spoons. She also curates shop windows and creates floral artworks for set designs, brand collaborations, magazines, artist portraits, music videos, and television advertisements.
Shinozaki opened her first flower shop, edenworks bedroom, in Yoyogi Uehara, Tokyo, in 2015. She followed that by opening EW.Pharmacy, a store devoted to her dried flower creations, in Oku-Shibuya in 2017.
And in September 2019, she branched out further with PLANT, which is a space for exhibiting floral creations as a place to bring creations for edenworks to life.

In response to these turbulent times, Shinozaki opened a flower shop called “ew. note” in Shinjuku Station in 2021. This shop aims to use flowers to link people.

Another floral project that Shinozaki has launched is PAPER EDEN, a paper-flower project based in Milan, Italy. Her paper flower installations have since been exhibited globally, including in Amsterdam, Paris, Shanghai, and across Japan.


Say the word “flower” and words associated with femininity often come to mind – sensuous, elegant, complex, gentle. At edenworks, we make creations with flowers that harness their power, offering viewers a rare glimpse into their precious workings.

Inspiration for edenworks lies in the universe of flowers and their relationship with living creatures. Flowers in full bloom are often seen only by animals, insects and birds – and are normally perceived in an entirely different way to humans (for example, some animals such as cats cannot see the color red). Other areas of inspiration lie in the complex role flowers play in the food chain for animals and insects, which in turn also help flowers to reproduce.