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Flower language mini bottle "astrantia"

Flower language mini bottle "astrantia"

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The palm-sized mini-bottle is now available in a version with Astrantia flowers.

The language of the Astrantia flowers is "wish upon a star, intelligence".

In addition to the colored version, we have prepared a white version that is perfect for this season. The combination of sparkling flowers enhances the gorgeous mood.

The size of the bottle allows it to be displayed anywhere, so we recommend it for home use or as a gift for a loved one.

A label with the language of flowers is attached to the back of the bottle.


*Dried flower items. Not fresh flowers.

*Due to the characteristics of the product, small pieces of dried flowers may accumulate on the bottom of the bottle due to vibration during shipping. note that.

* The image is a sample, so the contents of the flower may differ. I'm looking forward to receiving it. Thank you for your understanding.


Contents: Flower language mini bottle x 1
size: height 102mm

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