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Flower language mini bottle "sweet pea"

Flower language mini bottle "sweet pea"

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Flower Language mini bottles are made by combining flowers with a theme.
The flower chosen this time is sweet pea.
The flower language of sweet pea is "departure" and "tender memories".
In English it is "departure". On the back of the bottle there is a label with the flower language.

This time there are two types available: colourful ver./pink ver.
A gift with a message for someone starting a new life or for yourself.
The size of the bottles means they can be displayed anywhere, making them perfect for use at home.


*Dried flower items. Not fresh flowers.

*Due to the characteristics of the product, small pieces of dried flowers may accumulate on the bottom of the bottle due to vibration during shipping. note that.

* The image is a sample, so the contents of the flower may differ. I'm looking forward to receiving it. Thank you for your understanding.


Contents: Flower language mini bottle x 1
size: height 102mm

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