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ready-made oil arrangement "watercolors ver."

ready-made oil arrangement "watercolors ver."

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This is an arrangement of dried flowers in a jar with oil poured over them.

The petals and leaves are transparent, giving it a freshness different from the usual dried flowers.

This time, we gathered dried flowers in cool colors and created it as if we were painting a watercolor picture with a light touch.

Please enjoy this arrangement with a sense of transparency that is perfect for summer.


*A small amount of oil may seep out due to shaking or changes in atmospheric pressure during transportation.
In this case, please wipe it off with a cloth or tissue.
(The oil is harmless. It is harmless, and there is no problem even if it adheres to the skin.)

*When carrying or displaying, please keep the lid part up and use it in an upright position as much as possible.

*The color of the plant may transfer to the oil.There is no problem with the quality, but if you are concerned about the color of the oil, please consult with the store.

*This is a dried flower item. They are not fresh flowers.


Contents: ready-made oil arangement "watercolors ver."×1

bottle size: height 95mm diameter 58mm

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