Our original compost made with plants has finally been completed!

At edenworks, we uphold the philosophy of "don't throw away flowers, but rather pass them on to the next purpose", and along with the operation of the dried flower shop EW.Pharmacy, we have been composting as an initiative to reduce waste throughout the company.

We sorted and collected flower husks and leaves that would normally be discarded, which were produced by our stores edenworks bedroom and ew.note, and turned them into compost with stable ph after many testing processes.

From 5/3 (Wed), customers who purchase plants at the conservatory by edenworks will receive this compost as a gift!

Mechanism of circulation from plants to plants.

This initiative continues to try reducing the amount of waste generated at edenworks.

When the production of compost stabilizes, we are considering distributing it to all of our stores.

We are looking forward to your visit.
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