A creative studio specializing in flower and plant creations founded by Megumi Shinozaki.
With the philosophy of “Embracing the future while not wasting flowers”,
Megumi draws out the potential of flowers with her unique sensibility.
Her creations minimize the loss of flowers. She has a wide range of flower-related creations, from store decorations to window decorations, magazines, advertisements, commercials, music videos, and more.
She has various shops such as “edenworks bedroom,” a weekend-only flower shop, “EW.Pharmacy,” a dried flower shop, “conservatory by edenworks,” a plant concept shop, and “ew.note,” a flower shop that connects flowers and people.
She also launched the paper flower project “PAPER EDEN” in Milan, Italy in 2017.
She is also active as an artist both in Japan and abroad, collaborating with brands and creating installations.


The way in which a flower blooms then withers is parallel to a life. There is a sadness in knowing that the only ones to witness their beautiful transformation are insects, birds and animals.
Insects cannot distinguish the color red as red, only humans can.
This distinctions does not end with just colors, but also in the way the flowers sway gently in the breeze, flowing softly from side to side and their glistening petals that shine like a beacon of light. These small details are not visible to birds and animals.
It is interesting in the sense of the natural order of things that insects and animals only exploit flowers for either food or as a tool for procreation. I can’t help but wonder what is the purpose for red flowers to even exist, for petals to sway the way that they do, and why there are so many types of flowers in the first place.
As the flower bud blossoms ever so majestically eventually fluttering to the ground and decaying, the change in the scent throughout the cycle encapsulates all the elements of a beautiful, sensual human. My hope is to continue to capture and share the intrinsic beauty of these fleeting moments for the rest of the world to see.


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edenworks Inc.

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