NEWoMan Shinjuku 2F, 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Maps)
Business hours and closed days conform to NEWoMan (NEWoMan)

Our flower shop is about linking people together with flowers and helping relationships blossom. Given the state of the world in 2021, we feel that flowers are perfect for bringing people together. And we want interest in flowers to grow through people gifting flowers.

The word “note” has myriad meanings: It can refer to a notebook, a sound, or a scent.

Taking these three meanings, here are ew.note, we try to bring vibrancy and color to each day with flowers. Each day is a blank page, and each time a page is turned, you will hear the gentle sound of the page turning and will be greeted by floral scents.

edenworks is excited about its new concept shop. While keeping a mental note of all we have learned and felt during these times, we will grow deep roots in the community and strive to keep the world bright and colorful.

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