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I'd like to select a delivery address different from the orderer

If the orderer and the delivery address are different, please be sure to fill in when ordering.
If you change the delivery address after placing your order, please understand that it may take some time to change the shipping fee and exchange inquiries in order.

[How to enter a shipping address different from the orderer]

①When you proceed to the purchase procedure, a form for entering the delivery address will be displayed first, so please enter the name, address, and phone number of the delivery address there.

(2) You will be directed to the payment page, so please enter your credit card information.
③ A billing form will appear, so please enter the name, address, and phone number of the orderer in the customer information there.

Is it possible to send a message card with a product?

Yes we can. If you can write a note on a small piece of paper (horizontal approx. 10cm/vertical approx. 7cm), we will add your message.

Please add your desired note in the remarks column when ordering.

It may take a bit of time to prepare, so please be sure to order ahead of time.

* We will proceed with packing arrangements for ordered products in order.

Please be sure to write it in the remarks column when ordering to prevent the message being excluded in the package.

If you send us your request from the inquiry form after you place your order, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

When will the ordered product be delivered?

We usually ship within 7 days.
If you wish to specify the date or time, please be sure to add it in the remarks column when ordering. It may be possible to ship in 3 to 4 days at the shortest. Please understand if we cannot meet your request.

*Please refer to the product page for shipping of edenworks bedroom fresh flowers.

I'd like to purchase multiple items

If you purchase multiple items at once, the shipping fee will be calculated automatically when you add them to your cart.

Please check the shipping cost on the order page.

*Limited to EW.Pharmacy, PLANT, and PAPER EDEN products. (Excluding some products.)

It is not possible to combine multiple packages of fresh flowers. please note that.

I'd like a receipt

If you would like, we will send you the receipt PDF by e-mail.

Please write "receipt request" in the remarks column when ordering, and add the desired "address and proviso".

*Customers who wish to have a printed invoice will be sent together with the product. Please let us know your preference when ordering.
If the orderer and the shipping address are different, we ask you to receive the PDF file only.

[For credit card payment]
Please use your credit card payment statement as an official receipt.
Please note that if you wish to issue a receipt, the payment method will be specified on the receipt. (Example: payment by credit card, etc.)

How long can dried flowers last?

Depending on the type of dried flower and the environment in which it is displayed, it can be displayed as it is for about half a year to a year.
Dried flowers are vulnerable to humidity and direct sunlight, so please place them in a shade with good ventilation to keep their fresh colors. Also, please gently wipe off the dust with a soft cloth.

Dried flowers will tone down and turn brown after six months to a year. The way the colors fade is also antique-style, so please enjoy the period of display as you like.

In addition, some flowers are impregnated with plant-derived dyes to make the color last longer. Please note that the dye may bleed out if displayed in a humid place.