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Creative studio dealing with flowers and plants presided over by Megumi Shinozaki.
Based on the philosophy of "connecting flowers to the future without throwing them away", he draws out the possibilities of flowers with his unique sensibility and creates designs and creations that minimize the loss of flowers.
We are doing a wide range of creations related to flowers, such as in-store decorations, window decorations, collaborations with brands, magazines, advertisements, commercials, and music videos. There are various shops such as the flower shop "edenworks bedroom" that is only open on weekends, the dried flower shop "EW.Pharmacy", the plant concept shop "conservatory by edenworks", and the flower shop "ew.note" that connects flowers and people. . In 2017, he announced the paper flower project “PAPER EDEN” in Milan, Italy. Active as an artist both in Japan and abroad, such as collaborations with brands and installations.

2021.5.29 to 6.20
At StandBy

2023.2.10 to 3.21