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POST FLOWER "relay a message ver."

POST FLOWER "relay a message ver."

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A new version of POST FLOWER with "Give love, get love" message is now available, which can be mailed after writing the address and affixing a stamp.

This special version includes two items: a BADGE with pressed flowers and petals, and a postcard-sized POST FLOWER.

Giving flowers to a loved one could start a new love story, and then the love can be connected. This item was created with the hope that the stories begin through flowers will be connected like a relay.


The two items in the package can be used in a variety of ways. It would be wonderful to receive the BADGE as a gift from the sender and use the POST FLOWER inside as a reply to the sender.

At EW.Pharmacy, flowers are carefully processed into dried flowers without abandoning them, and even missing flowers are carefully collected and reused.
We also offer custom-made flower arrangements by introducing the background of each flower and the language of flowers.
We hope that our love of flowers and the richness of thinking of others through flowers will accompany you in your daily life and lead you to care for the people, things, environment, and living things around you.

POST FLOWER "relay a message ver." was created by imagining the spread of compassion.
Imagine how your message will be conveyed to your loved ones as you write the letter, affix a stamp, and post it in the mailbox.
Only a letter can convey the warmth of a message to the recipient through the handwriting and the scene of writing.
We hope that this POST FLOWER will be an opportunity to send the kind feelings and love in your heart to someone.

*The image is a sample and the contents may differ from the delivered product.
*This is a dried flower item, and they are not fresh flowers.


Contents: POST FLOWER "relay a message ver."
Vertical POST FLOWER contains the following items
- BADGE x 1
- POST FLOWER postcard size x 1
- Postcard mount × 1

*If you would like BADGE and POST FLOWER in different colors, please specify the desired color in the remarks column.
(e.g. BADGE→warm, POST FLOWER→cold, etc.)

Vertical hard case size:235×120×30(mm)

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