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5types custom-made swag package "2024 Spring"

5types custom-made swag package "2024 Spring"

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2024 Spring selection is available for custom-made.

*Some flowers may be in limited quantities, and colors may change during the process.

This is a swag version, with a wire loop attached behind the bundle of flowers, so it can be easily hung on a wall or door.

The word "swag" means "wall decoration" in German, and in Europe, it has long been a custom to decorate the entrance and interior of a house to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck.


2024 Spring is about to begin.

A new season has arrived, full of expectation and hope.
This season's assortment includes 16 different types of flowers that give you a sense of the life force of plants in the soft and delicate air.

We have also prepared Mimosa, known as the flower of choice for International Women's Day on March 8th.

We hope you will enjoy these beautiful spring days with flowers from EW.Pharmacy.

*If it is difficult to select all 5 kinds, please check only those that you are interested in. The rest of the flowers will be selected by our staff.

*The same flower can only be selected once. Please choose 5 different flowers.

*When purchasing two or more, please add to cart one at a time.

*Dried flowers. Not fresh flowers.


Contents: 5 custom-made swag package "2024 Spring" x 1

Size: 280 x 150 (mm)

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