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edenworks delivery bouquet S and vase set "summer ver."

edenworks delivery bouquet S and vase set "summer ver."

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edenworks' "edenworks delivery" service, which delivers seasonal bouquets of flowers, is now available in a smaller size. This product is a set of a bouquet and a vase. 

The design takes the form of edenworks' wish for people to spend peaceful everyday life by decorating with flowers.

*Please be sure to read the Details when placing your order.

*Once payment is confirmed, we will call you to discuss the details of the bouquet delivery. Please be sure to enter the phone number of the person who placed the order when placing your order.


*If you have a request for the arrival date, please enter it in the remarks column.
◉ Be sure to read the following notes.
① Our shop is open only on weekends. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request for the delivery date. We would appreciate it if you could order with plenty of time from the order date to the desired delivery date.
② As soon as we can confirm the payment, we will call you from our store. Fresh flowers are very delicate, so please specify the date and time when you can definitely receive them. We will discuss the details of the delivery of the bouquet over the phone. (We will contact you from 03-6407-9554 or 03-6407-1314,03-5315-0444 for confirmation. If we are unable to connect for more than 3 days, we will treat it as a cancellation. Thank you for your understanding.)
③We will send you a notification email as soon as shipping is completed. We will follow up you with the photo of the bouquet by e-mail. (Photos are omitted for personal home customers)

*The product will be shipped via cool shipping when it's hot.
*At edenworks, we strictly sterilize the items before they are arranged and when they are packed for shipping.
*It is a fresh flower product and not dried flowers.
*The contents of the flower will be seasonal and arranged by our staff.
*The bouquet in the image is a sample.
*Due to the delicate nature of these items, we will ship them in separate boxes even when you order multiple items.
*We will omit the enclosed delivery note. If you wish to receive the delivery note, please note as "delivery note request" in the remarks column.
*Please note that we cannot accept reservations by phone, email, or at other locations.


Contents: 1 edenworks delivery bouquet S x 1 vase.
Shipping box size: L 35cm x W 21cm x D 21cm.
Vase size: L 14.5cm x Diameter 10.5cm x Caliber 3.5cm
*We will enclose a letter introducing the flowers you put in. If the item is for a gift, we will omit this letter.

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