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"EW.Pharmacy ver." bottle XL arrangement

"EW.Pharmacy ver." bottle XL arrangement

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Ready-made package "EW.Pharmacy ver." We arranged dry flowers into a XL Medicine bottle.


*Dried flowers. Not fresh flowers.

*Please note that because it is a glass product, air bubbles may be mixed in the glass. In addition, there may be a small chip on the inner part of the lid due to the meshing.

* "EW.P" is stamped on the plate. If you wish to change the text on the plate, please purchase the plate text change (¥1,100) separately.

* Due to the characteristics of the product, fine dust may accumulate on the bottom of the bottle due to vibration during delivery. If you are concerned about it, please slowly turn the bottle upside down and remove it from the top.


Contents: "EW.Pharmacy ver." bottle XL arrangement x 1

size: caliber 105mm, bottom diameter 140mm, height 295mm

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