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Flower language mini bottle "straw flower"

Flower language mini bottle "straw flower"

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Flower language mini bottles are made using a theme flower each time.

The flower we picked up this time is "straw flower (Helichrysum)".
Treasure-like flowers tightly packed into a small bottle.

The flower language of Helichrysum is "Eternal Memories"
In English, it is called "eternal memories." The back of the bottle has a label with the flower's meaning.

We have prepared a variety of colorful and gentle colors that will gently accompany your memories you don't want to forget and the days you want to cherish.
May the flowers bring you memories and joy for your lasting days.


*These are dried flower items, not fresh flowers.

*Please note that due to the nature of the product, tiny pieces of dried flowers may accumulate at the bottom of the bottle due to vibrations during delivery.

*The image is a sample, so the flowers may differ. Please wait until the flowers arrive. Thank you for your understanding.


Contents: Flower language mini bottle x 1
Size: Height approx. 102 (mm)

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