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pot-pourri with string

pot-pourri with string

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EW.Pharmacy original pot-pourri.

AUGUSTE PRESENTATION is a product that connects broken branches, leaves, and petals that are missing from the daily business of the dry flower shop "EW.Pharmacy".

We carefully made it so that the color of the flower remains with our own processing method while blending it with the essential oil extracted from the plant.


A nostalgic and refreshing scent that combines sandalwood, citranella, patchouli, palmarosa and frankincense.

See-trough packaging that has a gentle scent. Please enjoy it in your favorite way, such as hanging the string on the doorknob.

Potpourri is carefully made one by one in various types. We cannot specify the contents (color, type of flower, etc.) as we use flowers that are available at that time. Delivered in eco-friendly non-chlorine packaging to keep the scent intact.

*The image is a sample and the contents may differ from the delivered product. Please note that the contents may differ from the delivered product.

*The fragrance lasts approximately 1 to 2 months after the package is opened. The fragrance will gradually fade depending on the environment in which it is displayed.

*The contents of the pack cannot be refilled.

*Due to the nature of the product, minute debris may accumulate due to vibration during shipping.

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pot-pourri with string x 1
Contents: about 4-5g

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