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schale arrangement "pleasure garden ver."

schale arrangement "pleasure garden ver."

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At edenworks, we have carefully stored flowers that are broken or too small to be served when we operate our store or creating artwork. We packed them in petri dishes with excitement, just like we packed our childhood treasures such as stickers and stones in boxes and cans. Each petri dish is made individually, so all products are one of kind. Like a treasure box or a small flower garden, this is our special product.


Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, the flowers are always blooming abundantly and gently, and my heart is always saved. We made this "pleasure garden ver." with the desire to connect and convey these feelings and emotions.

It also comes with an edenworks sticker with delicately drawn flowers.
I would appreciate it if you could take a look at this too.

The product is made and picked randomly. (If you have any color preference, please write it in the remarks column when you order. We may not be able to meet your expectations, but we will select a finished product that is close to your image.)


Contents: schale arrangement "pleasure garden ver." ×1
Flower language label x 1

schhale size: diameter 78mm height 17mm

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